Section Policy

The AGA has a policy of free publication and open access. However, the Association and the journal are maintained with the contribution of its members. Authors who are not active members may publish in the Journal up to 15 pages in edited format, bearing the cost of layout of the extra pages.

When the first author or half of the authors are members of the AGA, the following section policy will apply:


The extension of the text, including summary, abstract and list of works cited in the text, will not exceed 20 pages in edited format (1 edited page of text is equivalent to 3.5 pages of handwritten text). Exceptionally, the editors will consider the publication of more extensive works when they warrant it. The period between delivery and publication will depend on the number of jobs on the waiting list.

Short Notes

They must present important news. The extension should not exceed 6 pages in edited format (1 edited page of text is equivalent to 3.5 pages of handwritten text) including summary and abstract (maximum 50 words) and up to two figures. They will receive a special editorial treatment, being published as a priority.


Peer review process

All works received will be submitted to peer review. If papers sent to authors for review are returned after four months, they will be treated as new articles.


Publication Frequency

The magazine is quarterly and appears in March, June, September and December. It has maintained the periodicity uninterruptedly since its creation.


Open access policy

This journal provides immediate free access to its content under the principle of making research freely available to the public, which fosters a greater exchange of global knowledge.