Osagids-types oncoids from La Manga Formation and their paleoecological significance, La Vaina Creek, Mendoza.

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Ricardo M. Palma
Graciela S. Bressan
Diego A. Kietzmann


Microbial oncoids have been found in the Oxfordian limestones of the La Manga Formation in the La Vaina section at Potimalal River, Mendoza province. The oncoids ocurr either in packstone or floatstone-rudstone or are scattered in the wackestones. They are mostly elliptical, ameboidal and subordinately spherical in shape. Different types of oncoids were recognized, according to their features of envelopes: (1) micritic laminations, (2) grumose laminations, and (3) organism-bearing laminations. Molluscs and echinoid fragments, peloids, and intraclasts acted as oncoid nuclei. Laminae follow the shape of nuclei, especially in the inner zone of the cortices. However, in the outer zones the laminae contain encrusting organisms dominated by nubeculariids and serpulids. Some oncoids, especially the ameboidal or elliptical forms, are characterized by multiple nuclei, represented by small oncoids. The oncoids are associated with bivalves, echinoderms, forams, and serpulids. The fauna is indicative of calm, shallow conditions and the excellent preservation of echinoderms suggests minimal transport prior to burial. Growth histories are in evidence. The oncoids grew in a shallow, low energy, slightly to moderate agitated subtidal normal sea water environment. The limited rolling growth oncoids was probably accompanished by intermittent currents that reoriented the oncoids parallel to stratification. The discontinuous organisms-bearing laminations reflect periods of non-agitation and litification, which facilitated the growth of encrusting organisms on static oncoid particles during a period of low sedimentation rate. Deposition of the oncoidbearing limestones took place during shallowing of the carbonate interval and associated with emersion, subaerial exposition and paleokarst as consequence of sea level fluctuations.

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Palma, R. M., Bressan, G. S., & Kietzmann, D. A. (2007). Osagids-types oncoids from La Manga Formation and their paleoecological significance, La Vaina Creek, Mendoza. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 62(1), 116-123. Retrieved from https://revista.geologica.org.ar/raga/article/view/1161

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