Age, petrography and geochemistry of Cerro Falkner's granitoid

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Sabrina Crosta
María E. Vattuone
Carlos O. Latorre


Cerro Falkner is composed of granitic rocks underlying volcanic rocks of the Ventana Formation of Paleogene age. Those intrusives are granodioritic in composition, metaluminous to peraluminous, subalkaline, with characteristics of volcanic arc granites that are concordant with other granitoids of the Cordillera Patagónica Septentrional's northern segment. The age obtained by the K-Ar method on tschemakitic amphiboles (125 ± 20 Ma) points out a minimun age from the lower Cretaceous for the Cerro Falkner's granodiorite. Therefore the use of the term Los Machis Formation (Upper Cretaceous) would be incorrect for these rocks. This age, allows us to relate the granitic rocks on the study area to the lower Cretaceous, coeval with the volcanism of the Divisadero Group.

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Crosta, S., Vattuone, M. E., & Latorre, C. O. (2008). Age, petrography and geochemistry of Cerro Falkner’s granitoid. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 63(1), 152-155. Retrieved from
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