Ductile deformation shear belts at Pampean Ranges near Córdoba, Central Argentina: A Review

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R.D. Martino


Sixteen ductile shear belts recognized at Pampean Ranges near Córdoba are described defining extension, limits, fault rocks, milonitic foliations and stretching lineations. These belts are arranged in four groups based on its tectonic significance. (1) Arc parallel dextral transcurrent shear belts related, to the pampean subduction during Early Cambrian. (2) Cambrian Pampean Orogen unroofing shear belts, essentially reverse with minor dextral movements produced by convergent general shear (transpression), related to late collisional movements between Pampia terrane and Gondwana margin, and famatinian subduction. Deformation is bracketed on these belts at 490-470 Ma. (3) Regional imbrication shear belts developing rheologically controlled thrusts and defining age domains. These thrust producing events are related to the Ocloyic deformation phase (Famatinian Orogeny) occurred between Late Ordovician-Early Silurian. Domains are arranged from East to West in: an igneous Precambrian-Cambrian Domain, a metamorphic high-medium grade Cambrian Domain, and a metamorphic high-medium grade Ordovician Domain. This intense contractional deformation would be related with the approaching of the Cuyania terrane to the Gondwana margin, before its emplacement and final collision during Late Ordovician. (4) Achalian contractional shear belts with reverse and transcurrent movements extended up to Lower Devonian in coincidence with Cuyania terrane's final emplacement, and Famatinian magmatism cessation. After these events, around of the Devonian-Carboniferous limits, a new shearing event is developed during the Chanic phase (Famatinian orogeny) when Chilenia terrane was emplaced against the Gondwanic margin.

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