Expansion evidence of Yerba Loca active landslide, central Andes

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Javiera Carrasco Galvez
Sergio Sepúlveda
Marisol Lara
Vanessa Rosales


The multi-rotational landslide that happened on Santuario Yerba Loca (2018), had evidence of a pre and post continuous deformation that had been observed with satellite images, field observations and through Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). Over the last four years the deformation has spread to the south of the deposit, increasing the main scarp and the appearance of new parallel cracks beneath and alongside it. The construction of time series shows superficial displacement towards the northern and southern parts of the actual deposit (including the area with the new cracks), with velocities over 10 cm/yr in a concentric pattern increasing to the interior of the deposit. Therefore, the area is active, with an increasing in the moving area almost 50% over the 2018 deposit and capable of generating a new event of a landslide which may affect nearby populated areas.

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Carrasco Galvez, J., Sepúlveda, S., Lara, M., & Rosales, V. (2023). Expansion evidence of Yerba Loca active landslide, central Andes. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 80(2), 273-279. Retrieved from https://revista.geologica.org.ar/raga/article/view/1647

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