Preface: Quaternary and geomorphology

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María Romina Onorato
Andrés Bilmes
Agustina Reato
Juan Manuel Alcacer


This special issue contains ten selected works corresponding to the VIII Argentine Congress of Quaternary and Geomorphology, organized in the province of San Juan from September 19 to 23, 2022. The works describe detailed research on exhibitions that were carried out during the development of the congress and cover geomorphological and quaternary studies and analysis. Specifically, this special edition of RAGA includes works related to fluvial geomorphology based on spectral signatures and the study of geological conditions in the occurrence of mass removal processes in the Argentine Patagonia region. A morphometric analysis of basins and evaluation of the occurrence of alluvium in the province of San Juan is also presented. Likewise, this edition contains geohydrological evaluation studies of the coastal sector of Chubut, characterization and analysis of siliceous speleothems of the Sierras Australes.
On the other hand, two contributions are presented referring to climate change, the first referring to the threats in the Torrecillas Glacier basin and the second to climatic and environmental changes recorded in Quaternary sediments of the Pampa Ondulada of Buenos Aires. Finally, this special issue includes a neotectonic analysis in the Central Precordillera sector, studies of the influence of a morphostructure in the Southern Pampean Mountains and a final contribution that points out the interaction between geomorphology and surface parameters for soil development.
The editorial committee thanks the colleagues who collaborated as referees of the works published here. Likewise, we appreciate the effort made by the authors to adapt their contributions to the referees' suggestions and editorial standards.

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Onorato, M. . R. ., Bilmes, A., Reato, A., & Alcacer, J. M. (2024). Preface: Quaternary and geomorphology. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 80(4), 4. Retrieved from

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