Towards a geological and geotechnical susceptibility zoning of dam works and projects in Argentina

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Alejandro Emmanuel Celli
Carlos Alberto Di Salvo
José Luis Verga
Aitor Porcel Laburu
Juan Pablo Guerra
Lucía Anahí Álvarez


The biggest uncertainty in any major engineering project is associated with the ground behavior, coupled with a growing need of building new dams on sites with increasingly complex geological conditions. Being aware of this challenge, it is then proposed to address the uncertainty management in a systematic way, without neglecting any of the classic stages of a project. The present work is framed in what we could call an inventory stage in knowledge development. Starting from a document compilation of built and projected dams in Argentina, coupled with a general analysis of the geological, geotechnical, seismological and structural characteristics of the national territory, a preliminary classification of dams is presented, associated to its susceptibility to suffer complex situations in its foundation and reservoir area. This process allows the development of a first ranking of priority exploitations, which deserve special attention, either in their inspection and maintenance (executed dams), or a greater investment in basic studies, during the pre-tendering stages (projected dams). A series of regions within the national territory are identified, whose geotechnical characteristics justify moving forward in knowledge towards a prefeasibility stage.

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Celli, A. E., Di Salvo, C. A., Verga, J. L., Porcel Laburu, A., Guerra, J. P., & Álvarez, L. A. (2021). Towards a geological and geotechnical susceptibility zoning of dam works and projects in Argentina. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 78(2), 190-207. Retrieved from