Bottom gas seeps at Lake Nahuel Huapi, Patagonia

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Pablo H. Vigliano
Andrew Jones
Alan Judd
Horacio Planas
Gustavo Lippolt


Gas emissions discovered on the Brazo Rincon sector of Lake Nahuel Huapi in Patagonia, are described and characterized through analysis of hydroacoustic targets rising from the bottom. Echograms target analysis allowed for the identification of two possible sources. The first one corresponding to multiple gas vents in a seep field in 30 m to 100 m water depths. The second consisting of gas, fluids, resuspended bottom debris, and sediments in near-shore shallow waters. The hydroacoustic characteristics of these plumes are described, and possible origins of gas emissions are considered in relation to geological characteristics associated to local volcanism and/or biological phenomena.

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Vigliano, P. H. ., Jones, A. ., Judd, A. ., Planas, H. ., & Lippolt, G. . (2011). Bottom gas seeps at Lake Nahuel Huapi, Patagonia. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 68(4), 481-490. Recuperado a partir de