Geología de las sierras de Tandil

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Mario E. Teruggi
Víctor E. Mauriño
Tulio A. Limousin
Osvaldo C. Schauer


This paper deals with the geological survey of an area of some 4.000 km2 of the central and most elevated part of the Tandil range. Besides a geomorphological description, attention is paid to the Precambrian rocks of the erystalline basement . mainy migmatites-- and the orthoquartzites of the La Tinta Series. The area surveyed is on the whole a faulefieid, in which the separate blocks have difíerent altitudes through differential vertical movements,

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Teruggi, M. E., Mauriño, V. E., Limousin , T. A., & Schauer, O. C. (1958). Geología de las sierras de Tandil. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 13(3-4), 185-204. Retrieved from