Guest editor: Carlos H. Costa

Published: 2006-12-30

An Overview of the Main Quaternary Deformation of South America

Carlos H. Costa, Frank A. Audemard M. , Francisco H. R. Bezerra, Alain Lavenu, Michael N. Machette, Gabriel París


Quaternary Faults and Stress Regime of Venezuela

Frank A. Audemard M. , André Singer P., Jean-Pierre Soulas


Morphotectonic modeling of the Ibagué strike-slip fault, Colombia

Hans Diederix , Franck Audemard, Jairo Alonso Osorio , Nohora Montes , Francisco Velandia , Jaime Romero


Review of Seismicity and Neogene Tectonics in Northeastern Brazil

Francisco H. R. Bezerra, Joaquim M. Ferreira , Maria O. M. Sousa


Geomorphic evidences of recent tectonic activity in the forearc, southern Peru

Laurence Audin , Claire David , Sarah Hall, Daniel Farber , Gerard Hérail


Active orogeny of the south-central Andes studied with GPS geodesy

Eric Kendrick, Benjamin A. Brooks, Michael Bevis, Robert Smalley Jr., Eduardo Lauria , Mario Araujo, Hector Parra


Paleoseismic observations of an onshore transform boundary: the Magallanes-Fagnano fault, Tierra del Fuego Argentina

Carlos H. Costa, R. Smalley, Jr. D. P. Schwartz, H. D. Stenner, M. Ellis, E. A. Ahumada, M.S. Velasco