Mercedes Basin, San Luis province

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J. Kostadinoff
D.A. Gregori


In the area located between the Río Quinto Lineament and eastwards of Sierras del Padre, del Tala and Varela, the geologic information is scarce. Old seismic data indicated the existence of the Mercedes basin and the Nueva Galia horst. A geophysical prospection was carried out in order to determine sedimentary thickness, basement depth, structures and type of underlying rocks in Mercedes basin. The results show that the basin consists of two depocenters: Estancia Centenario (4,400 m thick) and Estación Nueva Escocia depocenters (3,700 m thick). A small depocenter (2,500 m thick) named Villa Valeria extends in a southeast direction. Low amplitude magnetic anomalies in Estancia Centenario depocenter indicate the possible existence of basic rocks in the sedimentary sequence.

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