The Southern Prolongation of Sierras de San Luis

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J. Kostadinoff
D. Gregori
E. Bjerg
A. Raniolo
G. Álvarez


The sierras de Varela, Pozo Peje and Los Cerrillos are the southernmost geomorphological expression of the Sierras de San Luis, a N-S trending mountain range. In the Sierras de Varela, the basement consists of several kinds of schist and migmatites. South of Sierra de Varela, the main outcrops are those of a Triassic rhyolitic volcanic complex. Gravity and magnetic measurements reveal strong anomalies, which are attributed to the presence of mafic and ultramafic rocks in the subsurface. The same type of rocks are responsible for similar geophysical anomalies observed in the area of Las Aguilas and Virorco, in the northern part of the Sierras de San Luis. Geophysical studies suggest that basic rocks are also present in the western part of the Alvear basin.

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Kostadinoff, J., Gregori, D., Bjerg, E., Raniolo, A., & Álvarez, G. (2002). The Southern Prolongation of Sierras de San Luis. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 57(4), 359-364. Retrieved from