Geología de algunos depósitos de arcillas de La Rioja

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Arturo J. Amos
Raúl A. Zardini


The structural, stratigraphic and mineralogical features of some refractory clay deposits in Central La Rioja Province are described. West of La Rioja city, in the area of Los Sauces dam, three formations of the so called “Paganzo series” are described: two of them are productive with contrasting types of clay and are at present intensely mined. Further south and west of Patquia village deposits located on a longitudinally faulted brachyanticline are described. A supratenuous dome east of Los Colorados Station is mentioned in connection with the stratigraphy of the neighborhood areas of “Paganzo” exposures. In each deposit mineralogical and physical properties of the clays are given together with economic possibilities and actual state of exploitation.

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Amos, A. J., & Zardini, R. A. (1962). Geología de algunos depósitos de arcillas de La Rioja. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 17(1-2), 47-84. Retrieved from