Subsidence analysis of the Las Salinas Basin, western Sierras Pampeanas

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Edgardo A. Azeglio
Mario E. Giménez
Antonio Introcaso


In the present work the total subsidence of Las Salinas basin has been evaluated trough time-depth diagrams, were the initial subsidence by load and thermotectonics were analyzed. The subsidence interval velocity was also calculated in function of the geologic time. The area under study is limited by the geographic coordinates of 31°17´ and 32°40´S latitude and 66°38´ and 67°48´W longitude, in the neighborhood of Marayes locality, in Las Salinas basin. The time-depth diagrams discriminate velocity changes of the basin subsidence rate during the extensional tectonics, and the present day dominant compressional process. The calculated results are in agreement with other regional rates. The obtained rates were: An initial subsidence velocity of 0.0017 mm/year during the Carboniferous period. This velocity had a constant and slow increase during Triassic and early Cretaceous times reaching mean values of 0.00875 mm/year in this last stage. The subsidence rate sensibly decreases during the late Cretaceous, and most part of the Tertiary. Subsequently a sudden change is observed during Pliocene - Miocene times reaching average values of 0.269 mm/year, and ending with rates of 0.0973 mm/year. The time-depth diagrams also show different subsidence rates from the northern and the southern parts of the basin, which could be the consequence of active basement faults during sedimentation. The initial subsidence and sedimentation rates were similar when these results are compared with Beazley Basin data, but the beginning of subsidence in Beazley Basin was later (Triassic time). The thermotectonic subsidences in both basins are similar, although the normal geothermal gradient of the area increases sensibly to the south.

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Azeglio, E. A., Giménez, M. E. ., & Introcaso, A. (2008). Subsidence analysis of the Las Salinas Basin, western Sierras Pampeanas. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 63(2), 272-280. Retrieved from

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