Stratigraphy and Structure of the Río Borbollón area, Mendoza

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José F. Mescua
Victor A. Ramos


Results of a detailed geologic survey of the Río Borbollón area, located in the Cordillera Principal of the province of Mendoza are presented. The stratigraphic record of the area corresponds to a Jurassic-early Cretaceous sedimentary succession, the products of Neogene igneous activity and Quaternary deposits. The Tres Esquinas and La Manga Formations of Jurassic age were recognized for the first time in the study area. The main structural features of the area are described and interpreted based on the obtained data and previous works. A balanced structural cross section of the Malargüe fold and thrust belt at 34º15'S depicts the structural style and the amount of orogenic shortening in this region of the Andes.

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Mescua, J. F., & Ramos, V. A. (2009). Stratigraphy and Structure of the Río Borbollón area, Mendoza. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 65(1), 111-122. Retrieved from

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