Guest Editors: Silvia Ametrano, María Florencia Márquez-Zavalía, María Florencia Gargiulo, Laura Maydagán, Natalia Maffini, Jorge Coniglio, Vanesa Litvak and Pablo Leal

Special issue in honor of the outstanding career of Dr. Milka Kronegold from Brodtkorb, who was the great promoter and motivator of the Mineralogy and Metallogeny (MinMet) congresses in Argentina

Published: 2023-09-25

Paragenesis of the mineralization of the Vein 49, Calcatreu Project, Somun Curá Massif, Río Negro, Argentina

Matías Sebastián Wernert, Darío Vera, Marcelo Paolini, Sebastián Miguel Jovic, Diego Martín Guido