Hydrothermal alteration in the volcanic rocks that host the Veta Norte, La Josefina project, Patagonia Argentina

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Veronica Bouhier
Leticia Lescano
Rocío Muñoz Schillizzi


The Veta Norte is part of the low to intermediate sulphidation epithermal vein system of La Josefina project, located in the Deseado Massif, Santa Cruz province, Argentina, and is hosted by Jurassic volcanic rocks of the Chon Aike Formation. Based on macroscopic and microscopic descriptions, X-ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy in drill core samples, the host lithologies and the mineralogy of the hydrothermal alteration associated with Veta Norte were characterized. The textures, the crosscutting relationships and the stability conditions of the identified minerals, allowed to establish a paragenetic sequence with four stages. In stage 1 (E1) the interaction of the volcanic rocks with hydrothermal fluids of neutral to slightly alkaline pH and temperatures between ~ 210° and 300°C generated an alteration in the surroundings of the vein represented by chlorite, pyrite, quartz and adularia. During stage 2 (E2) a slight drop in pH (between 5 and 6) and fluid temperature (between 150° and 250°C) generated favorable conditions for the formation of illite, illite-smectite, quartz and sulfides. In stage 3 (E3), and from steam-heated waters, kaolinite and chalcedony were formed at temperatures <190°C and acidic pH. Subsequent to the hydrothermal activity, the descent of meteoric waters destabilized the previous minerals and formed Fe-Mn oxides and hydroxides and Cu carbonates, characteristic of the supergene alteration (E4). Kaolinite has high crystallinity in all the studied rocks, with an increase in crystallinity towards the Veta Norte. Illite is not a good indicator of paleoducts since it does not present a clear variation in its crystallinity with respect to the mineralized structure.

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Bouhier, V., Lescano, L., & Muñoz Schillizzi, R. (2023). Hydrothermal alteration in the volcanic rocks that host the Veta Norte, La Josefina project, Patagonia Argentina. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 80(3), 436-455. Retrieved from https://revista.geologica.org.ar/raga/article/view/1669


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