Geophysical studies on shallow structures linked to the rise of the Pismanta hot springs, Iglesia valley, San Juan, Argentina

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Franco Clavel
Marcelo Gonzalez
Antonella Sottile
Rodolfo Christiansen
Guido Gianni
Diego Winocur
Diana Ortiz
Hector García
Federico Lince Klinger
Aixa Rodriguez
Mario Gimenez
Myriam Martinez


The Iglesia Valley is located in the extreme northwest of the San Juan province, which is characterized by the emergence of low enthalpy hydrothermal natural springs. The thermal source has been linked to the natural geothermal gradient, that for this area regards standard values of 30ºC/km. Throughout Neogene times to the present day, the presence of set of -NNE and -WNW trending thrust faults have favored the development of major topographic reliefs, which in certain cases these are accompanied by thermal water springs. In this study, we proposed the analysis of the main near surface geologic controls, that would be acting in the Pismanta geothermal system. In this sense, several geophysical methods were acquired, processed, and analyzed: resistive electrical topographies (TRE2D), magnetic and gravity local profiles, along 2570 m transect in a W-E direction, throughout this geothermal field. This integral analysis allowed us to define NNE- striking faults, related to the near surface water rising control, in the Pismanta locality and surroundings, through permeable Neogene sediments of Las Flores Member. These results led us to characterize this geothermal system, through a shallow geological model, that explains the relationship between the hot springs and the local structural-stratigraphic setting.

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Clavel, F., Gonzalez, M., Sottile, A., Christiansen, R., Gianni, G., Winocur, D., Ortiz, D., García, H., Lince Klinger, F., Rodriguez, A., Gimenez, M., & Martinez, M. (2023). Geophysical studies on shallow structures linked to the rise of the Pismanta hot springs, Iglesia valley, San Juan, Argentina. Revista De La Asociación Geológica Argentina, 80(3), 537-558. Retrieved from


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